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Thank you to Todd Barowsky and Julesburg Dragstrip for their support during the 2017 season. Your kindness is overwhelming and greatly appreciated! 

Thank you to the supporters for 2017:  Lucas Oil Products Inc. Corona, CA; Platte Valley Bank; Laramie Peak Motors; Town of Glendo, WY; Wheatland Country Store; Wheatland Automotive; Mud Springs Optometry; Frontier Furniture; Jenkins Auto; Crazy Tony's;  Check out all the DTL "Supporters" page.

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Ethics of Success- Adult Program
Part I - Student Program/Introduction
Part II - Student Program/DTL at School
Part III - DTL Racers
Part IV - DTL History

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"Opening Minds and Opportunities" for 2018

Thank You Supporters!

            Drag To Learn…? 2018 Summary

We would like to send a special thank you to all the 2018 Drag To Learn…? financial and service providers: Lucas Oil Products and Motorsports; Platte County, Wyoming businesses- Platte Valley Bank; Lynda Lenz, State Farm; Wheatland Automotive, Jeff McGuire; Wheatland Country Store, Mandy McIntosh; Jeff and Molly Wilhelm, Dennis and Eileen Keck, Keck Racing and Hot Rod Sales; Amazing Monogramming, Connie Lewis; Laramie Peak Motors, Chuck and Lori Ruwart; Town of Glendo; Crazy Tony’s Restaurant, Guernsey, WY; Wade Jenkins, Jenkins Auto; Knick’s Trucking, Ft. Morgan, CO.

During our thirteen-year tenure, we now have shared our message and program with approximately 5,175 students, at 81 student programs, with 180 student/participants at the track, while promoting all the Drag To Learn…? supporters, advertisers and vendors to approximately 32,470 people in the region.
This calendar year we have provided 3 student programs (2 pending before the end of 2018), to approximately 195 students, and have participated in 8 community activities, while promoting all the Drag To Learn…? supporters, advertisers and vendors to approximately 2,560 spectators.
In addition to the regular helpers, we have grown the enlisted support of 62 racer/friends to provide and share their vehicles, their expertise, and their time in this effort. Also helping support the program over the course of the thirteen years, 54 businesses and individuals (13 in 2018) have provided assistance with finances, services or products, five racing vendors (3 in 2018), and NHRA member track Julesburg. (Take a look at the Drag To Learn...? website ”Supporters” page and see all the supporters and racers.)

Again, thank you to all for your support of the Drag To Learn…? Program! Without out you this endeavor would not be possible! 

If you are new to Drag To Learn…? review the list of supporters and volunteers and their contact information under the “Supporters” tab. Under the “Scrapbook” tab you find photos of the different Drag To Learn…? events and participants, plus more photos you can be seen on our Facebook page by clicking our link at the bottom of the page. For a more detailed review of Drag To Learn…? you can review the “About Us” tab and read about our program from 2006 to date. Make sure to take note of the “Four Key Components” of Drag To Learn…? listed at the bottom of this page!

 Thanks to the Drag To Learn...? Team:                

Crew Chiefs: Dennis Keck, John Shields, Dustin Boyson, Joe Herstien

Motor: Scott Main, MPG Heads Service and Cam Research

Rear Differential and Drive Line: Front Range Driveline, Bill and Brian Percival

Rear Suspension: Bart Roundy, Ragged Edge Race Cars

Transmission: Larry Shaw, Shaw Racing Transmissions and Hughes Performance

Promotions/Coach: Forrest Knickerbocker

Presenter/Driver: Mark Knickerbocker

Take a look at the DTL 1973 Ford F100 Race Truck in action on YouTube, (video shot by www.sharpshootersfootageandphotography.com) :       Versus Mike Moorhous' Ford Fairlane,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4N_6ItSuHY ;

or versus Jason Gutierrez's Chevy Nova (bad light...oops)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOItX9SdnyA ;

or versus Kevin Metzcher's stock Chevy pickup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8BCyE5L6oA;

or first round at the Division V Summit ET Finals in Topeka, KS, September, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0gCuruMed8

Take a Look at Racing at Douglas Motorsports Park, Douglas, Wyoming:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKHMaM7Edo4&feature=related





Thank you Mark Fishburn and Matco Tools for the special help and tickets to Mile High Nationals, July 23, 2010 in Denver.  The kids met and hung out with Antron Brown, the Matco Tools Top Fuel team and Don Schumacher Racing.  Take a look at the newest video from Matco Tools at Baja:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEHKXkkiko0

Again, thank you to all who made this year a huge success, and looking forward to your continued interest and support!

Special Thanks to Buck Brannaman for his support of Wyoming Cowaboy ChalleNGe Academy!!!  See more about Buck, and  Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy.






Antron Brown, driver of the Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster with the DTL Gang from Wyoming and Longmont Colorado, Mile Hi Nationals, 07.23.10
Who We Are

THE FOUR KEY DRAG TO LEARN...? PROGRAM COMPONENTS:  Resiliency, COASY for Work, COASY for Life, and Fear.

RESILIENCY: “This child will not be the tallest, nor the strongest, nor the most fair… but this child will have the most precious gift of all. This child will have the gift of resiliency. Regardless of what happens, this child will always try again. After every failure, no matter how many, no matter how broken the heart, this child will rise again.”
Dr. Micheal Johnson.

COASY for Work (Work Ethics/Employment Skills):
Come to Work to Work- focus and preparation
On Time to Work- 15 minutes early, you are still 15 minutes late
Attitude- attitude determines Altitude
Stay Until the Job is Complete- accurate and complete; doing the right job right, even when no one is looking
You Represent your Employer 24/7- people make decisions about others based upon your performance and behavior
-Mark Knickerbocker

COASY for Life (Personal Ethics/Life Skills):
Commitment- to yourself, to your family, to learn and grow
Organized Plan- a plan and goals for where you want to be and what you want to be
Attitude- it is up to you, happy or sad, see the best or the worst
Service- help others, “pay if forward”, others need you and you need them
You Are Responsible- your success or failure is up to you, no excuses
-Mark Knickerbocker

-Lynn A. Thomas


Take a look at the Platte County Remote Control Racing League, at www.plattecofair.com/rc/ and see what is happening!  If you would like to see it first hand, or help with the program, give us a call or e-mail us through the Drag To Learn...? or the Platte County Remote Control Racing League websites. 


"The program had a definite impact.  It had a direct relationship to employability and personal responsibility.  It was both informative and entertaining, connecting to real life.  The emphasis on safety rules and equipment was timely with the approach of summer vacation."  -Julie Balzan, Wade Ward, and Clark Noble, Wheatland Middle School

"Totally great idea!"  -John Force, John Force Racing

"Even more important than a hobby we all enjoy is the effort you have put forth to help those kids.  Life skills are more important in life than a fleeting hobby.  I'm sure at times it feels like a thankless job you have taken upon yourself.  It's not.  I bet there's a lot of darn good kids out there that you've had a part in shaping.  Press on regardless.  Thanks again.  -Randy 'The Hitman' Messinger, McCook, NE.

"It made sense...most assemblies don't..about things like never giving up,"  -- Mackenzie Stirling, Casper Classic Academy Eighth Grader








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